Welcome NUGGET!!

If you made it this far into the endless space of the internet you will also enjoy the rest of the ride. So buckle up and come with me to learn about some of my past projects and find out some interesting details about my latest projects.


Here is a short preview of some of my previous projects, to get a detailed view and to see more work done by me click on this link or use the menu to visit the portfolio. Sadly i can’t show you everything here because of various reasons: Some work simply got lost over the years and then there is also always the legal aspect you have to consider, not to speak about all those projects that never got finished but i intent to update my library as soon as i find anything of value in my archives.




Project Galactica VR

My latest brainchild or better a brainchild that berfore was just not possible is now thanks to the exciting development in VR-Technology slowly taking shape.

To find out more about this project follow this link or use the menu.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
Looking back at all the projects i worked on over the years this may be the best fitting description. At some point you just make the decision that you are done with a project but not because it is finished but because of the feeling that it is good enough for that very moment. 

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

Leonardo da Vinci