Welcome To my PORTFOLIO!

Here you will find an overview of some of my work. There are still alot of things missing but i will update the library from time to time. For a more detailed view of each project follow the link in the project description. 

Leopard 2a5_1
Leopard 2a5 & 2a6

Leopard 2a5

This Leopard 2a5 Tank of ther german armed forces was one of the many Addons i created for the games Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault and ArmA 2.

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Tron Light Cycle_1
Tron: Legacy

Tron LightCycle

Tron Legacy a nice remake of the orginal movie especially if you are into visual effects like me ;).

So can’t have a Lightcycle in real life build it in 3D. Here is my take on the Bike.

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TOS Cylon Raider
Battlestar Galactica

TOS Raider

Loved the orginal series freaked out when i saw the mini series in 2003 and today i have to say they turned the Battlestar Galactica remake into one of the bes SciFi series of all time. I have created this model a while ago and it had seen some Game-engines before but was never released. Now for my Galactica project it is undergoing a little refresh so the textures are still WIP.

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Head study

Female Head

This was my first serious attempt in modeling a human face (head) i always tried to avoid it as much as possible because it is an art in itself. But when i switched to Lightwave i needed to learn the tools and shaders so this was the right time to dive into it. There is also a black and white picture with hair in the gallery but the hair still needed some work wasn’t happy with the result.

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Flecktarn Armed Assault

BW Fleck/& Tropentarn

Another Addon i released for the the game Armed Assault. At the time there were no modding tools for the game available so to bring at least some new units into the game i made this german army Fleck- and Tropentarn texture Pack. I also released the Adobe .psd files so other modders had it easier to do their own reskins. Ohh and there was also a MG3 addon later on you can also see it mounted on the Leopard model.

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Unity Community Art Challenge

The Christmas Ornament

This was my entry for the Unity community art challenge in 2014. Totally forgot that i participated in this one lol. It is basically a christmas themed scene put inside a christmas ornament. If you ever wondered how a nerd imagines Santa entering your house well wonder no more here is your answer ;D . Hope you like it. Was a fun little challenge with great entries.

For more pictures and the Scetchfab File click here.

RHS Mod Pecheneg 1p29
Weapon & Scope

Pecheneg & 1p29 Scope

Was asked by Mod Team if i could rework one of their old Pecheneg “PKP” machinegun models. Deceided it was easier to start fresh and in the end they loved it so much that they asked me for the 1p29 Scope. So i also modeled the Scope (or was it the other way around?). Don’t have own pictures of the weapon anymore but there are some of the the Scope in the Gallery. The models have been used in various mods over the time.

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4 mechs 72hr GameDev Vectronix
72hrs game development competition 2004


When i was member of the Demogroup VeCTRONiX, Krzysiek K. our Coder, CybeREX another GFX Artist of VeCTRONiX and me deceided to take part in a 72 hour GameDev competition. The result was this little game where you could customize your Mech’s and battle other Mech’s. 72hrs are not enough for this type of game but we managed to show off something and it was a great experience. I was responsible for the Mech models.

For more pictures, videos and a download link of the Game on github click here.


Earth and MArs

Here you will see the remaining renders i have found of my Planet collection i created. I will have a look if i can find the original models somewhere on my hdd’s and if so will update the gallery with some renders.

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Viper MK2_003
Battlestar Galactica

Viper MK2

When you switch to Lightwave 3d it is mandatory to model a Battlestar Galactica Viper lol. So here is my Viper originally modeled in Lightwave and now being reworked for the Battlestar Galactica project in Modo Indie for some model updates and Substance Painter for new textures.

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Hangar Bay 1
Battlestar Galactica

Hangar Bay 1

This is my model of the Hangar Bay 1 from Battlestar Galactica for my Battlestar Galactica VR Project. For more infos on this follow my Virtual Reality Battlestar Galactica project, you can find it in the main menu or click here.

Battlestar Galactica2
The old Lady

Battlestar Galactica

Here are some first WIP pictures of my Battlestar Galactica model. Not even close to be finished but i thought i share it anyway.

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My first Werkkzeug1 Demo


While i was member of VeCTRONiX we played around with the Demotool of Farbrausch. On our forum we learned and teached other people how to use the tool and this Demo was the first result by me using Werkkzeug1. Call it color flash if you like, yeah i know it was really bad. Animations are bad way to much post processing i forgot to credit the guy who did the music…… but it was a first one with Werkkzeug1 and therefore i am not ashamed. Okay may be a tiny, tiny bit but here is it anyway hehe. You grow from your mistakes,

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Power On Self Test 64k Intro by VeCTRONiX


In 2004 or 2005 our Coder KK had started writing a demotool called V-Constructor for VeCTRONiX. It wasn’t finished at that time and a lot of functions were still missing but we played around with it a bit to see what already is possible with the tool. Since there was a demoparty at the time we deceided to throw our experimental scenes together and released it at the stream 2005 demoparty. So there is no coherent Design just some scenes smashed together to show off the possibilities of KK’s tool and to honor his great work he had done.

For more pictures and a video click here.

Seen as FR-19 poem to a horse by Farbrausch

Seen as FR-19

When i was Member of the Demogroup VeCTRONiX on our Froum we teached people how to use the demotool werkkzeug1 that was released by Farbrausch.
In order to show how things work with the tool wiCkeDz another Member of VeCTRONiX and me deceided to do a challenge and try to rebuild the Farbrausch “FR-19 poem to a horse” 64K intro from scratch since we didn’t have access to the original K1 file. The resulting K1 file of our 64k version was than released so other people could see how things were done with werkkzeug1. This was never meant to be a 1to1 copy of the original Farbrausch 64k this wasn’t even possible since some operators were missing in the tool  it was just a fun little project to get used to the tool and to make a tutorial for other people. On a funny note i totally screwed up the music sync lol.

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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - In Motion

Wellenlänge Remix

Well what to say about this mmmh? The music for the movie “The Social Network” was done by “Nine Inch Nails” and somehow i stumbled upon their page where they encouraged their fans to remix their music. For this purpose they also released the stem files for some of their songs. So time for a remix.

To read more about it and to see (hear) the remix click here.



Physiotherapie-Heitz.de one of the Webpages i maintain and designed.

To read more about it and to see some additional pictures click here.

WeberHaus cube and stair design


Around 2004-2005 i was asked if i could do some graphics for WeberHaus one of Germany’s leading home builders of off-site manufactured houses. In 2017 alone they produced some 750 houses for the european market with an annual turnover of 250 million Euro.

This one was a very valuable lesson but at the same time also challenging even though the task at first looked quite simple.

To read more about it and to see some additional pictures click here.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
Looking back at all the projects i worked on over the years this may be the best fitting description. At some point you just make the decision that you are done with a project but not because it is finished but because of the feeling that it is good enough for that very moment. 

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

Leonardo da Vinci