Webdesign Physiotherapie Benno Heitz

This is my parents business homepage https://physiotherapie-heitz.de/.

I’am responsible for the design and maintaining the page. Unlike this page which is based on wordpress my parents page is based on Joomla using the Gantry framework.

In terms of design i tried to use a color palette similiar to the colors present in our offices and as you can see on the pictures the offices are pretty colorful.
The pictures for the page were taken with my Olympus 600D camera, not the newset anymore but for my purposes it is good enough.


Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
Looking back at all the projects i worked on over the years this may be the best fitting description. At some point you just make the decision that you are done with a project but not because it is finished but because of the feeling that it is good enough for that very moment. 

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

Leonardo da Vinci